Meditation workshop: No Mud, No Lotus – A Journey into the Heart Immersion

Saturday 29th February  1 – 3.30pm $50

Join Chelsea for this 2.5 hour immersion, where we will be exploring the landscape of the heart. Having an open
heart is not about feeling loving or happy all the time, an open heart feels everything, including anger, sadness and pain.
Through asana, pranayama, mantra, poetry, storytelling and meditation we will celebrate all of the different aspects of ourselves. Our light and dark, our successes and failures, and all the different thoughts, feelings and emotions that make up this human experience.
The lotus flower is one of the most elegant illustrations of the meshing of our human and Divine natures. Without the mud, there is no lotus.

You’ll float out of the studio transformed and rejuvenated.



Meditation workshop: Sacred Sound, Yoga & Qigong Immersion

Friday 22nd November  7 – 9pm $50

Feeling tired, depleted and run down? Living in this fast paced modern world can leave us feeling a little overwhelmed and disconnected.

Join Fiona from Theia Sound Healing for a Sacred Sound, Yoga & Qigong Immersion.

Mindful movement, meditation and breathwork will be accompanied by the angelic sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls and the ancient vibrations of the Gong.

This immersion will help you identify physical and energetic tension and enable you to shift and release it. This will help bring balance and harmony back to the body and mind.

Perfect before the busy festive season takes hold!

No previous Yoga or Qigong experience necessary.

You’ll float out of the studio transformed and rejuvenated.



Meditation workshop: Enhance Your  Energy Immersion

Saturday 26th October  1 – 3pm $45


Feeling tired, depleted and run down?Living in this fast paced modern world can leave us feeling a little overwhelmed and disconnected.

Join Chelsea for this 2 hour immersion designed to enhance your Prana.

Prana is the vital life force, or energy that permeates through our entire bodies and all living things. One of the many benefits of Yoga is that it increases our Prana, but it’s about the quality we bring to our practice.

The workshop will include specific techniques designed to release stuck energy and enhance the flow of vital life force. We will be also be working through a strong therapeutic and mindful vinyasa flow practice, exploring the balance of push and yield that’s necessary to increase our energy rather than deplete it. The afternoon will finish off with a Yoga Nidra, which is a systematic method of complete relaxation.

This practice is designed to bring about a state of rejuvenation that is greatly needed in our busy lives, leaving us feeling a little lighter and brighter. All levels of yoga experience welcome.



Inversions & Arm Balances Yoga Workshop

Sunday 11th August   1 – 3pm $45


In this two hour workshop, Sary will explore progressions and techniques to safely prepare us for arm balances and inversions.  She will take you through the tips and traps of the most widely practiced arm balances, inversions and their variations.  Whether you are entry level or you already know how to fly, everyone can benefit from fine-tuning their alignment.  All levels are welcome.



Kombucha Brewing Workshop

Sunday 21st July   1 – 3pm $45

Join Hilary for a fun and informative workshop that will teach you everything you need to know about how to brew your own Kombucha.
You will have the opportunity to try fresh Kombucha as well as flavoured (2nd fermentation).
You will leave with a scoby, starter tea and recipe.



Balance Your Chakras Yoga and Meditation Workshop

Sunday 26th May   1 – 3pm $45

In this workshop Vic will be guiding you to work with the Chakras, the energy systems within the body. The 7 chakras can be viewed as an inward map that helps us understand ourselves better and can direct us to improved wellbeing, greater awareness and living more fully.

Each chakra relates to specific organs of the body, emotional states and traits and mental attitudes. During this 2 hour Chakra workshop we will aim to revitalize and balance our 7 main energy centres through yogic practices such as:

– Asanas (yoga postures)

– Breathing techniques

– Mudras (hand gestures)

– Chanting

– Meditation

This workshop is open to all levels of yogis.

Vic has a particular interest in the energy systems of the body and incorporates energy healing practices into her yoga classes. Through her work as a Reiki healer she has seen time and time again how working to balance the energy systems of body can have a profound effect on our mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing.


Immersion into Rest Meditation Workshop

Saturday 23rd February 4 – 5.30pm $30

Join special guest teacher Chandrika Gibson from Wisdom Yoga Institute for 90 minutes of bliss. Enjoy supported restorative yoga that allows you to soften and let go of any stresses held in the body, before being immersed in the sacred journey of Yoga Nidra. These practices revolutionise the art of rest, and give you an opportunity to give your nervous system a break from the pace of life. Take time to slow down, care for yourself, and nourish mind and body. No experience or yoga ability required

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“Remember that the only constant in life is change” – Buddha


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