Being Mindful Teens Wellbeing Program | 6 Weeks $180

The Being Mindful Teens Wellbeing Program aims to equip teens to skillfully manage the ups and downs, the stresses, demands, joys and heartaches of the teen years. Our program empowers teens to identify, and learn strategies to build and develop, their inner strengths and resources such as; mindfulness, optimism, growth mindset, compassion, courage, values, and self-belief.

This 6-week course, based on proven Mindfulness and Positive Psychology programs, is designed to:

  • Promote resilience, build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improve coping skills to manage stress and anxiety effectively.
  • Develop mindfulness skills around social media and relationships.
  • And promote wellbeing, empowering teens to reach their full potential

Ready to Make a Change?

“Remember that the only constant in life is change” – Buddha