50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Hugh Lee 2019

21st – 29th September 2019

The training will be broken down into these hours:
21st Sept Saturday 11am – 3pm
22nd Sept Sunday 11am – 4pm
23rd Monday 11am – 5.30pm
24th Tuesday 11am – 5.30pm
25th Wednesday 12.30 – 5.30
26th Thursday 11-5.30pm
27th Friday 11-5.30pm
28th Saturday 11-3pm

29th Sunday 11am-4pm

Course fee:

Early bird special price $1300 (pay by 1st August 2019), Full Price: $1499

Contact Hilary on 90053664 or via the link below.


Course Content

Theory & Practice of Yin Yoga: learn why and how to practice Yin Yoga

Yin and Yang differences: understand the concept and importance of balancing Yin/Yang
How Yin Yoga was developed: learn the origins of Yin Yoga and how it grew/evolved.
Basic Yin Yoga asanas: study in detail the physical, mental and energetic benefits of each Yin Yoga posture
How to use props in Yin Yoga: gain knowledge in many different ways props can be used to suit individual needs
How to develop a home Yin Yoga practice that helps to nourish, replenish, rejuvenate and heal.

Learn basic yoga anatomy in fun and practical ways
Discover the differences between muscular tension (muscle tightness) and skeletal compression (bone hitting bone): learn the importance of understanding the differences in your own Yoga practice and in teaching students
Understand the differences between function and aesthetics of poses

Mindfulness Meditation
Learn and experience meditative mindfulness approaches to Yin Yoga
Discover the benefits and relevance of practicing Mindfulness Meditation

Chinese Medicine & Yin Yoga
Learn fundamentals of Chinese Medicine and how it relates to Yin Yoga
Learn about the relationship between fascial tissues and meridians
Explore the relationship between meridians/organs and emotions
Discover how the Chinese Medicine meridian approach to Yin can help bring healing and balance on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Teaching Yin Yoga
Learn safe modifications and variations for students: become skilled at creating modifications for students with special needs, injured and pregnancy.
Learn the art of sequencing that is purposeful and formulate relevant class themes

About the Facilitator Hugh Lee

Hugh is a fully qualified and experienced Yoga Teacher, a graduate of the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (2 year fully accredited course founder Leigh Blashki) from the CAE (Centre for Adult Education) Melbourne. He began teaching in 2008, assisting and co-teaching Andrew Mournehis on Yoga retreats in India, Bali and Australia.

In 2013, Hugh trained in Yin Yoga with Paul and Suzee Grilley (100 hours Level one) and in 2015 trained with Sarah Powers “Insight Yoga” Yin Teacher Training 60 hours. This has inspired him to become a lifelong student of Yin Yoga, which he finds deeply healing, replenishing and nourishing

Meditation Teacher Training 2019

Sunday May 5th / 12th / 19th / 26th

Time: 11am – 4.30pm

Course fee:

$1350 early-bird ($350 deposit) ends 28th February 2019
$1450 ($450 deposit) if paid after 28th February 2019

Contact Hilary on 90053664 or via the link below.


Due to the popularity of his unique approach and simple teaching methods, we are excited to welcome back Matt Young, from the Melbourne Meditation Centre, who will be offering his highly regarded Meditation Teacher Training program over four Sundays in May 2019.

What you will get:

  • Gain the confidence to guide and teach meditation
  • Understand what techniques to teach and in what order
  • Learn how to write your own guided meditation scripts
  • Work through real life case studies and scenarios
  • Practice and discuss your concerns with like-minded students
  • Certificate provided at completion of the course and assignments.

This certificate will allow you to obtain the necessary insurance most places require in order for you to teach.

This course comprises of 30 hours training (24 contact, 6 non-contact)
Topics covered:

how to present meditation in easily digestible and understandable terms

  • how to lead/guide a meditation skillfully
  • how to establish an appropriate setting for a meditation class
  • common misconceptions and difficulties and how to overcome them
  • how to answer challenging questions
  • the role(s) of a meditation teacher
  • your ethical responsibilities as a meditation teacher
  • how to explain meditation to potential clients or organisations
  • brochure design and advertising considerations
  • starting and running a small business in the alternative health industry


The course is open to anyone with an interest in guiding or teaching meditation; however, ideally, students will be expected to have two or more years meditation experience.

In order to participate, ALL students are required to complete the 6-week online course at (pay what you like, no catch)

Expect to:

  •  gain the confidence to guide and teach meditation.
  • learn how to write your own guided meditation scripts.
  • work through real-life case studies and scenarios.
  • understand what techniques to teach and in what order.
  • practice and discuss your concerns with like-minded students.
  • expand your understanding of meditation and mindfulness in a light-hearted learning environment.
  • develop your own meditation practice in new and surprising ways.

You’ll also come away with Meditation Teacher Training Certification and the opportunity to further your studies (by doing extracurricular reading and exercises) in order to meet the membership requirements of the Meditation Association of Australia.

About the presenter:

Matthew Young set up the Melbourne Meditation Centre in 2005, following a decade of meditation study, culminating with 4 months study with Eric Harrison at the Perth Meditation Centre (2004).

Since then Matthew has taught about 1000 students per year. In the process he has developed an understanding of the common pitfalls and difficulties beginners to meditation encounter. More importantly, he has learnt how to teach meditation in a practical, down-to-earth style, free of confusing jargon or dogma.

His main interest has been to make meditation accessible; to demystify the subject, to make it easy to learn and do, and to customize it to the needs of contemporary students.

Matthew, along with Subodh Joshi and Paul Majewski, helped establish Simply Silence and, with Garth Stone and Paul Majewski, Meditation Events, responsible for events such as the Australian Meditation Conference, Music for Meditation and The Big Retreat. He is currently a board member at the Meditation Association of Australia.

Although he has explored a wide variety of meditation techniques and traditions Matthew doesn’t belong to any particular school and doesn’t think of anyone as his teacher or ‘guru’. Instead he’s been fortunate enough to meet a number of mavericks in the meditation field; mentors who helped him to avoid the many pitfalls and to find the sweet spots amongst all the mystery and misinformation. Many people have influenced him in this way, and how he thinks, practices and teaches meditation owes much to them. Prominent, amongst them, have been Eric Harrison, Lorin Roche and Jason Siff.

Matthew continues to study meditation and related fields in order to bring to his students the most useful techniques and strategies available.


Yoga Nidra & Restorative Teacher Training 2019

Saturday 23rd February 11.30am – 5.30pm
Sunday 24th February 11.30am – 4pm

*Early Bird Price $410 prior to 1st February 2019, $450 afterwards.

Contact Hilary on 90053664 or via the link below.


Join Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and PhD Candidate in Cancer Care Chandrika Gibson for a weekend of learning how to deliver nourishing Yoga Nidra and Restorative Practices. This weekend will immerse you in the practice of Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga whilst also giving you the ability to deliver Restorative Yoga classes and Yoga Nidra meditations to enhance student’s experiences in your classes. This training is also a pathway to becoming an accredited Yoga Therapist should you decide to undertake that journey at another time. Each trainee will receive class plans and divine Yoga Nidra scripts that Chandrika has developed over the last decade. Yoga Australia CPD and Yoga Alliance CE points apply (10 points).

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